Introducing the Ubilogix SE2 products suite

Comprising of multi-platform libraries, a test-harness and development tools the Ubilogix SE2 suite is here to assist you in the development of your Smart Energy 2.0 products. Speed up your time to market and development cycle by using our highly customizable, powerful and easy-to-use tools.


A snapshot is a collection of test cases. For example, a snapshot named 'Security-Beta-2.0.0' could validate the correct and reliable behavior of an upcoming release of a security layer. A snapshot is configured to execute its test set on a particular device, maintains individual logs, and can be scheduled to run automatically in the future. Using snapshots is an easy way to ensure consistent behavior across implementations.

Creating a Snapshot

Creating a new snapshot is as easy as selecting the target device and a set of tests from the catalog. Multiple snapshots may be configured for the same device.

Snapshot details

This view presents information regarding running test progress, summaries of passed, pending, and failed tests, execution history, and so forth.

Result Test Details

Individual summaries of test results, including runtime duration, status, warnings, and errors.

Ubiqua SE2

A sniffer, decoder and analyzer for Smart Energy 2.0 systems. It supports a variety of different transport layers endorsed by the Smart Energy Profile Consortium, such as ZigBee, Wi-Fi, HomePlug, and Bluetooth.