Properties View

The Properties View shows you detailed information of every node of the network, including Channel, Protocol, Status and so on. Analyzing the data in this window in conjunction with the Graphic View or the Network Explorer gives us both graphical and the technical information needed to understand the structure and interaction between the nodes of the network topology representation.


Every time you select a network node from the Graphic View or Network Explorer, its correspondent information will be automatically loaded in the Properties View, such as the protocol used to detect the node, the channel on which it is located, its address, status, among others.


In the Graphic View section there are 4 different node icons to represent different states, nevertheless in the visualization area of the Properties View is the Icon and the Label fields, both for you to customize this node properties, this to make it easier for you to identify them in the network representation of the Graphic View. In the Icon field you have to browse on your computer an icon or image file to replace each of the the default icons that you would like to change, making this images work as a new graphic representation of the nodes. You can change the node label as well, you just have to erase the default data and type the new name you want to give to the node in the Label field.