Remote Sniffers

The Remote Sniffer Device system enables Ubiqua users to collect traffic data from stand-alone sniffer devices deployed in distant locations, with minimal effort required in terms of configuration and maintenance. Furthermore, it allows for the real-time sharing of captured data with multiple collaborators.

A supported Remote Sniffer Device (RSD) is configured to establish a connection with either our cloud-based Nexus service, or a private Nexus instance running on a controlled network. This service in turn proxies traffic and commands to and from authorized Ubiqua clients. The RSD owner may choose to share access to the device with other Ubiqua users.

Due to initiating rather than accepting connections, the RSD will normally not require manual configuration of firewalls in order to function.

Security and privacy

Traffic between the RSD and the Nexus service, as well as traffic between the Nexus service and Ubiqua, is sent over a TLS-encrypted websocket connection. The Nexus service does not store or process the transmitted information in any way, other than to forward it to the end-user client applications.

Support for end-to-end encryption between RSDs and Ubiqua clients is currently in development.

Mute Nexus sniffer

The traffic data between a Nexus service and Ubiqua can be simultaneously accessed by up to 10 users which can perform actions on this remote device such as change its channel or turn the service off. The actions executed on the device by one of the users will be reflected in all those who have access to this remote service. If one of the users needs to stop viewing the Nexus Sniffer without affecting the other users, it just have select the Nexus sniffer in the 'Device Manager', right click on the remote device and click the 'Mute Nexus Sniffer' option, following this action the real time transmission data service will stop to the current user. To resume the service right click on the remote device and press the 'Unmute Nexus Sniffer' toggle button and the data transmission will be reactivated in case the sniffer still on.