Supported Hardware


Ubiqua Protocol Analizer supports different sniffer hardware devices as specified in the table below. All the supported hardware drivers are located in Program Files\Ubilogix\Drivers folder in the drive where you installed the software. As provided from the vendor each USB dongle is already programmed with a sniffer firmware application. If you need more information about the sniffer firmware application or the sniffer drivers please refer to the Ubilogix support webpage.

Vendor Name Part Number Drivers Folder
NXP JN5169 USB Dongle OM15020 \Drivers\FTDI
NXP JN5179 USB Dongle OM15021 \Drivers\FTDI
NXP KW2x: Kinetis KW2x Family TWR-KW24D512 and KW24D512-USB \Drivers\FS KW2x
NXP KinetisĀ® KW41Z-2.4 GHz KW41Z
Texas Instruments CC2531 Ev. Module Kit CC2531EMK \Drivers\TI
Texas Instruments TI CC1352R (2.4GHz) LAUNCHXL-CC1352R1 \Drivers\TI
Texas Instruments TI CC2642 / CC2652 (2.4 GHz) LAUNCHXL-CC26X2R1 \Drivers\TI
Sewio Open Sniffer Open Sniffer for 802.15.4 (2.4 GHz and SubG)
Ubisys Zigbee USB Stick Zigbee USB Stick U1

Legacy Supported Hardware

Vendor Name Part Number Drivers Folder
NXP MC1322x USB 1322X-USB \Drivers\FTDI
NXP JN5168 USB Dongle DR1198 \Drivers\FTDI
Microchip ZigBit USB Stick ATZB-X-23x-USB \Drivers\MICROCHIP
Microchip RZ600 Evaluation Kit AT86RF212 (SubG) and the AT86RF23x families \Drivers\MICROCHIP
Rainforest Automation TOUCAN Wireless Sniffer RFA-Z106-SN TOUCAn \Drivers\FTDI