What is the licensing method?

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There are three licensing methods:

1. A subscribtion license (Ubiqua Standard Subscription)

The subscription license offers monthly or annual access to Ubiqua, including software and protocol definition updates as well as customer support. Subscription licenses are bound to an end-user's account and may be freely moved between supported systems by signing in and out; only one instance may be in use at any given time. Expired subscriptions do not grant access to Ubiqua, however, no back-charging or penalty is incurred on reactivating an expired subscription.

2. A perpetual license (Ubiqua PA STD)

This license type grants perpetual access to Ubiqua’s core functionality, and it entitles the user to one year of software and protocol definition updates as well as customer support. On expiring, Ubiqua can no longer be updated and the user will thus not have access to more recent protocol specifications. Furthermore, the user will no longer qualify for customer support attention. This is a node-locked license, meaning that it will be restricted to use on a single computer system; it may be eligible for transfer to another system in cases where the host system has been upgraded or replaced.

3. An evaluation license

The evaluation license will allow you to use Ubiqua for a period of 21 days with no payment information required. This license is untransferable and will let you capture and decode up to 1,000 packets per session. An internet connection and at least one supported sniffer device are required.

For additional information please refer to the Ubiqua EULA.