About the company

Ubilogix International, Inc.

We are a leading provider of consulting services and analysis tools for wireless sensor network applications.

Time to market is a key element in today’s embedded wireless industry. Our tools help companies shorten their development cycle with intuitive and reliable solutions to address the challenges that developers face.

Our expertise includes

Open standards for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Design and development of low-power communication protocols

Design and development of low-power wireless embedded systems

Wireless sensor network monitoring and control

Debugging and troubleshooting of deployed IoT systems

Things we've made smarter

Light bulbs • Meters • Switches • Dimmers • RFID tags • Thermostats • Breakers • Doorbells • Door locks • Fitness wrist bands • Sports gear • Watches • Multi sensors • Industrial machinery • Toys • Jewelry • Backpacks • Bikes • Motorcycles • Clothes • Solar panels • Batteries • Routers • Medical equipment • HVAC systems • TVs • Vending machines


How we can help you

We offer engineering services throughout the development cycle of your IoT products.

As contributing members of the Zigbee Alliance and Thread Group with over ten years of experience in the field of interconnected devices, we are uniquely positioned to help design and implement your new product, or troubleshoot your existing ones!

The team

Carlos Gallegos

Embedded Loremaster

Dalila Pinedo

Protocol Ninja

Everardo Gutiérrez

Workspace Elder

Gibran Vargas

Apps Padawan

Lars Karlström

Programmer Prelate

Luis Luna

Hardware Alchemist

Pedro Moreno

Creative Champion

Angelica Hernandez

Magister Memoriae

Mauricio Núñez

Automation Knight

Victor Sanchez

Knight Coder

Erasmo Sauceda

Bug Buster

Ariana Ishihara

Logic Lady

Christian García

Benevolent Dictator


Romeo Velarde

Co-founder and president of BDMtek

Researcher and systems engineer focusing on cutting-edge product design and communications systems.

Antonio García-Macías

Co-founder and researcher

Researcher in the field of ubiquitous computing and networking, with ample experience in IoT protocols as well as wireless ad-hoc sensor network applications.

Mads Westergreen

Software architect and entrepreneur

Electronics engineer and core contributor in multiple wireless protocol specification endeavours.

Interested in joining us?

Who we're looking for

Ubilogix is a small company in constant growth. We are always on the lookout for highly-motivated, intelligent individuals interested in joining the team. Our technical staff is comprised of engineers with degrees in electrical engineering, computer science, and other related fields. They are easy-going, energetic, autodidactic, ingenious, and great team players. If you possess these qualities, get in touch – we'd love to get to know you!

Life at Ubilogix

We value talented people, so we try to provide them with the best environment possible. At the office you will always find soft drinks, snacks, and most importantly, a good ambiance of camaraderie.

Our offices are located in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. This is a small city with a great diversity of activities for all tastes: recreation and sports (surfing, biking, camping, etc.), culture (theater, art museum, wine tastings), education (several research centers and universities), and so forth. Besides, the weather is great, so you can always enjoy working, playing, or whatever you are doing. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Feel free to reach out using the contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you!


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México Office
Álvaro Obregón # 110-4
Zona Centro, CP 22800
Ensenada, BC

USA Office
3111 Camino del Rio N, Ste. 400
San Diego, CA, 92108