Ubilogix Joins the Thread Group

BY Lars F. Karlström|
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SAN DIEGO, CA – Ubilogix International, Inc., provider of IoT consulting services and developer of the Ubiqua Protocol Analyzer software, has joined the Thread Group, an industry alliance dedicated to the development of Thread, an IPv6-based networking protocol for IoT device communication.

The Thread protocol enables secure and efficient communication for smart home automation devices in a resilient network. It incorporates and builds upon open standards – including IEEE 802.15.4 and 6LoWPAN – to provide an IP-addressable and encrypted mesh network with support for up to hundreds of simultaneously connected devices.

The non-profit Thread Group was founded in mid-2014 by Nest Labs, ARM, Samsung, NXP, Silicon Labs, and others. In addition to overseeing the development of the Thread protocol, it is dedicated to market education as well as Thread product certification.

» To learn more about the Thread Group, please visit https://threadgroup.org

Through its Thread Group contributor membership, Ubilogix will bring support for this new protocol to its IoT development tool Ubiqua Protocol Analyzer. Furthermore, as contributing members of the Thread Group, Ubilogix will be well positioned to provide clients with software and hardware development and testing consultation. Finally, Ubilogix will actively participate in work groups and committees to help shape and improve the Thread protocol and bring the Internet of Things to its next level.


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