Ubiqua Changelog

Latest beta release

Version 2.2.0158

Software changes

Version 2.2.0163

Released Fri May 25 2018
d7fe422d0e018c8568360df0b0240b4f (md5)

    Version 2.2.0161

    Released Thu May 10 2018
    97499afaa10e856d257694ae8e9f290a (md5)
    • Built-in icon library for nodes in the Graphic View
    • Support for TI CC2642 sniffer
    • Output View. It displays the Remote Service Log
    • Prevent starting a device while saving/importing/exporting
    • Management of floating windows in multiple monitors with different resolutions
    • Node customization dialog for editing node’s properties
    • The Find tool in Traffic View now searches in all columns and comments
    • Installer includes signed drivers for TI CC253x sniffer
    • Nodes are marked when change is detected in its network address based on IEEE 64-bits addresses
    • Splash window is now scaled based on the DPI and resolution of the monitor
    • Autorecovery features
    • Autosave feature now support clearing the Traffic View
    • GUI controls to manage the remote access service
    • Memory management when processing large captures
    • Better coloring for packets in Traffic View, a static mark was added to the left of the row and an improved background coloring
    • Issue that prevented importing security keys from environment files
    • Issue with the range selection in the Open Partial Capture dialog (GUI)
    • Issue with 'Hide all matches' option in the Find tool
    • Scrolling issue over some sections of the Property View
    • Issue filtering by PANID in Graphic View
    • Minor inconsistencies in the data displayed in the Device Manager
    • Issue when closing the application while a capture was being saved
    • Issue that prevented some sniffers from capturing when started the first time

    Version 2.1.0136

    Released Tue Dec 05 2017
    3e22b76d8606a62f8e76e866d0b64825 (md5)
    • Prevent save the short address as alias
    • Corrected issue when adding security keys
    • Fixes issue that corrupted the license

    Version 2.1.0134

    Released Mon Nov 13 2017
    72fd047711bc7f3306de8c1761413f8c (md5)
    • Add option to disable autorecovery window
    • Fix issue that prevented application from starting when resources where unavailable online
    • Corrected issue that caused applicaiton not to send crash reports
    • There where cases when the Remote Services was not started
    • In some systems, Ubiqua showed a blank screen instead of the views

    Version 2.1.0129

    Released Tue Oct 24 2017
    5554b3ffcd82d4f42a501e7adfb9b51f (md5)
    • Time Delta is now updated when a filter is applied
    • Ability to get firmware from zigbee OTA upgrade packets
    • (Thread) Added support for Thread mac 2006 keymode 2
    • Sparkline improvements
    • Introduced an option to view network properties
    • Display tabs on Packet view only when required
    • Packet Source now displays information about the capturing device (HW)
    • GUI improvements (icons and controls)
    • Enabled switching between node-locked and subscription licenses
    • Network Explorer now groups nodes with the same extended address
    • Show packet timestamp field in long format (Date and time)
    • Added detailed information to log file for Remote Services
    • Remote Services, new endpoint to retrieve Graphic View information
    • Keyboard navigation is implemented in Network explorer and Options dialog
    • (Thread) Fixes for CoAP
    • Correct packet is now selected when 'Go to' or 'Find' is used with active filters
    • Solved a Packet limit dialog issue
    • Fixed issue with disabled 'Clear Packets' button in certain scenarios
    • Corrected typo in Properties windows
    • Fixed issue with truncated Filter options menu
    • Corrected GUI glitches in the Merge Capture dialog
    • Remote Control service may now be started without restarting the application
    • .cubx files may now be opened from network folders
    • Fixed issue when closing a Scan Channel dialog while performing a scan
    • Corrected issue that prevented adding duplicated PAN when decoding zigbee ZLL
    • All devices now display correct status values on application startup
    • Change decoder was not working on the (!)
    • Application now displays feedback when starting a Sewio sniffer
    • Enabled automatic check for updates
    • Corrected issue when selecting a device channel
    • The Compare Packet dialog no longer blocks other dialogs

    Version 2.0.0103

    Released Fri Jul 07 2017
    2c5b2dcf5dbfbefa42a98abb030bea1a (md5)
    • (Thread) Tab in Packet View to display the COAP payload data in CBOR, JSON, XML or TEXT format
    • Redesign Network Explorer with extended functionality (grouping and sorting)
    • (Thread) Support for setting Custom UDP port for decoding as COAP and DTLS
    • (Thread) Added Packet info messages for ZDotDot and Lwm2m messages
    • Added URI column in Traffic View (In Thread its used to display the COAP Uri)
    • Nexus sniffer can now be muted, this allows multiple users to control the device without affecting their current capture
    • Improve settings for Sewio Sniffer.. better packet reception
    • Improve message display when there is an issue signing in or locking a license
    • Clicking on the Packet View title bar send the focus to the packet in the Traffic View
    • (Thread) Improved packet info messages for 6LowPAN, MLE, DTLS and COAP messages
    • Cubx file format saves device hardware information related to each packet
    • GUI Improvements, Normalization of styles for all the controls
    • Rename 'Long Address' to 'IEEE Address'
    • GUI Improvements, Normalization of styles for all the controls
    • Perpetual Licenses are now shared between Windows users in the same computer
    • Improved license management to prevent cases where license was locked due to issues communicating with the license server
    • When a node changes its parent it is now reflected in the Graphic View
    • Corrected issue with the timestamp in the Atmel RZ600 2.4Ghz sniffer
    • Nexus sniffer is now working properly

    Version 2.0.0089

    Released Thu Apr 27 2017
    af02f0efa84db1049133e632a5ff7a53 (md5)
    • Active Endpoint detection and display of related information in the InfoView
    • Option to find text strings in the Traffic View
    • Higlight packets in the Traffic view based on the selected packet
    • Ability to merge multiple Ubiqua capture files (.cubx)
    • Performance improvements in the Graphic View
    • When available, the Network Explorer will now display the long address of a node
    • When available, the Network Explorer will now display the extended PAN
    • Option to sort devices in the Network Explorer based on the short or long address
    • Improvements to the Open Partial Capture dialog box
    • Support has been added for multiline comments
    • Added a column for displaying packet RSSI in the Traffic View
    • Node descriptions (aliases) now persist when saving and opening .cubx files
    • The same capture device may no longer be added multiple times
    • Resolved issue with opening unsopported files
    • Resolved issue with timestamp and RSSI values

    Version 2.0.0073

    Released Wed Feb 01 2017
    0b8e8f0e0b76ab8c531d5c9083bebcf2 (md5)
    • Fixed an error that occurred on opening files
    • Minor stylistic fixes to toolbars, panels and menus
    • Multiple Ubisys U1 sniffers may now be used simultaneously
    • NXP SubG support has been fixed
    • Fixed an error that caused the unintended removal of configuration file values
    • Various minor device manager issues have been addressed
    • Fixed, crypto modules should now be accessible on all supported platforms
    • Various performance tweaks and enhancements have been added
    • The authentication process has been improved
    • Graphic View and Traffic View have improved their performance
    • Updated Atmel RZ600 sniffer binary images
    • A new option to report an error has been added (Help Menu)
    • The Graphic View may now be toggled off to improve performance under heavy workloads

    Version 2.0.0062

    Released Tue Nov 29 2016
    b49e83664bff674e48cee5fdb1f2995f (md5)
    • Stability improvements

    Version 2.0.0061

    Released Thu Nov 17 2016
    9acaa56b104a6842e766e481566fd86d (md5)
    • Added support for the Ubisys U1 sniffer
    • Addressed compatibility issues with the NXP MC1322x sniffer

    Version 2.0.0057

    Released Wed Nov 09 2016
    686e6adbd8602444ecd712b7a59086e8 (md5)
    • Miscellaneous fixes for authentication process

    Version 2.0.0056

    Released Tue Nov 08 2016
    3b68497d34ed553c5f1d92e00762a5bd (md5)
    • Support for the ZigBee 3.0 protocol
    • Support for the Thread 1.1 protocol
    • Support for the Smart Energy 1.2a and 1.2b protocol versions
    • Support for the Smart Energy Piccadilly Draft
    • Support for ZigBee Green Power Multisensor Draft
    • Thread security key generator
    • Remote sniffer devices: This feature introduces cloud-based sniffer devices, capable of sharing captures between multiple end-users
    • Autosave: This feature allows for incremental saving based on time or packet count intervals
    • Event View: This feature provides an overview of particularly important events
    • CoAP Custom Port: This option allows Ubiqua to listen on a designated UDP port and decode incoming traffic as CoAP
    • Ubiqua no longer requires administrative privileges to run
    • Automatic updates of decoders when new versions are available
    • The Add Device window has been updated to include remote sniffer devices, and its user interface has been redesigned in order to streamline the device configuration process
    • Various improvements to Ubiqua and its backend services regarding license management
    • The Graphic View now handles network rejoin commands when the node rejoins with a different parent
    • The Graphic View now supports multiple types of Thread protocol nodes
    • 6LowPAN IPv6 address decompression for the Thread protocol
    • The Device Manager has been enhanced to present a Sparkline that graphically displays incoming live packet capture metrics
    • The Graphic View now supports Touchlink commissioning
    • Default setting for Graphic View Connections has been changed from Topology to Routing
    • Various fixes to improve system stability
    • Thread MLE keys may now be added via the Packet View
    • Various fixes related to the ZigBee Green Power decoder
    • Ubiqua now correctly captures ZigBee Green Power keys from unprotected transmissions
    • Fixed functionality for copying IEEE addresses from the Network Explore
    • Fixed erroneous label behavior in the channel selection sub-menu
    • Fixed decoder issues concerning Smart Energy 1.2
    • Various minor fixes regarding the ZigBee APS layer
    • Various minor fixes for Thread protocol decoding
    • Fixed an error affecting the display of cancel button while loading a capture
    • Fixed issues affecting the Save Capture dialog
    • The Graphic View can now export to a variety of image formats

    Version 1.5.0038

    Released Fri Oct 07 2016
    6bbfed54506b992aefd2b56fd94b7e71 (md5)

      Version 1.5.0037

      Released Fri Oct 07 2016
      0ba648164e24fef264423c93c587960b (md5)

        Version 1.5.0035

        Released Thu May 05 2016
        6ee7ff2d37cd5e4e0ba8e091c57c6f04 (md5)

          Version 1.4.2256

          Released Thu Feb 12 2015
          26c82284f8738f4871acc6a2688bbb2f (md5)

            Decoder changes

            Tue May 30 2017

            • Added Packet Information for Beacons, Asociation response, Zigbee Nwk layer commands and ZDP Mgmt Permit Joining command
            • Updated Green Power Command IDs
            • Updated Additional Information Block for Green Power commands
            • Added Green Power Transalation Table Update and Response commands special payload lenght cases

            Wed Apr 12 2017

            • Added support for the BLE link layer
            • Nodes avertised over BLE are now detected and added to the Network Explorer
            • Added parameters for the Coordinator realignment command in MAC 2006 and 2015
            • Removed Re- from the name of parameters in the Coordinator realignment command in MAC 2003, 2006, 2015, and PopNet.
            • OTA Upgrade: Image Block Response, changed Block request delay to MinimumBlockPeriod and units are now seconds
            • Fixed label for RxOnWhenIdle option in ZDP Management LQI response
            • Spelling corrections

            Sat Mar 04 2017

            • Added GP compact attribute reporting bit to GPS Functionality
            • Fixed label of permit joining option in ZDP Mgmt LQI rsp

            Wed Feb 22 2017

            • Added security frame control for Nwk Green Power command Commissioning

            Tue Feb 21 2017

            • Added door/window handle Zone Type for IAS Zone attribute

            Wed Feb 01 2017

            • IEEE 802.15.4 2015 version supported
            • ZigBee R22 protocol stack has been added

            Fri Jan 27 2017

            • Green Power - Decoding GP Pairing Config
            • Correct value for unknown attributes
            • Wrong data type for Diagnostics attributes
            • Added global attributes to some missing clusters