Topology and Routing Connections, how nodes and edges are added?

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Topology connections.

A topology edge is created in the Graphic View based in the information of the Association Request/Response messages of MAC 2003 and 2006. After receiving these two messages, Ubiqua gets the parent-child topology relationship needed to generate the edge, an edge is added from son to parent. The parent node is obtained from the Source Address of the Association Request message, and the child node from the Short Address field of the Association Response message.

Routing connections.

When Ubiqua captures a Zigbee Network Link Status message, it uses the data inside this message to generate the edges (A,B). More specifically, the beginning the edge (A) is the Network Source Address field of the packet, then for each item in the Link Status List generates an edge where the end (B) is the Neighbor Network Address of each list item.