Sharing Ubiqua Environments

BY Rodrigo Morteo|
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In this post we cover how to share Ubiqua environments to other Ubiqua Users

Ubiqua features functionality to share your environment to other Ubiqua users.

The options shared are:

  • File association
  • Recent Captures
  • Protocol Options
  • Columns in the Traffic View
  • Window layout
  • Security keys
  • Network addresses
  • Remote Services configuration

To use this feature just click on the "File->Save Environment" menu option and wait for the "Save File" dialog to appear, then name the environment and press OK.

Now you can share the created file and to other Ubiqua users than can open the shared environment using the "File-> Open Environment" menu to load it.

Note that when opening the Environment file it will overwrite your settings so it is advisable to save your current environment before opening a shared one.

Warning: Be aware that among the settings shared in the environment file are network keys, addresses, and user/password for the remote services; all of those could potentially be sensitive data.


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