Trading in a legacy Ubiqua license

BY Lars F. Karlström|
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In this article we walk through the process of trading in a legacy Ubiqua "PA STD" license for a subscription with at least three months of validity.

As of June 1, 2018, the node-locked "PA STD" license was retired in favor of the new subscription-based model. Though existing customers may continue using legacy licenses for the foreseeable future (see the announcement for details), the legacy license trade-in program allows for an immediate upgrade path, with the added benefit of receiving three months of complementary subscription time in addition to whatever support time may remain for the legacy license being exchanged.

Difference between license types

Whereas the legacy licenses were node-locked, i.e. assigned to a particular system, the subscription-based licenses may freely be moved between systems by signing in and out, although only one session may be active at any given time. Once a subscription license has expired, it must be extended to keep using Ubiqua. Reactivating an expired subscription does not incur any additional back-charges.

The trade-in procedure

To trade in a legacy license, start by navigating to the Licenses tab on the Dashboard. If any of your license entries are eligible, the following should be visible:

Eligible license trade-in prompt

On pressing the "Trade in license" button, the following dialog should appear:

License trade-in confirmation dialog

Ensure that the license ID corresponds to the entry you wish to exchange. If your license is already expired, it should be valid until three months from the date of the trade-in, otherwise any remaining support time will be added to those three months.

On pressing the "Trade in license" button, you should be returned to the Licenses tab, and a success message should be displayed as shown below:

License trade-in success message

By scrolling down on the same Licenses tab you should be able to see the corresponding "Ubiqua Standard Subscription" entry.

Finally, on the Subscriptions tab you should be able to see an entry as such:

Subscription listing

From here you may click "Enable auto-renewal" and provide a payment method to extend your subscription in monthly intervals. If you do so prior to the license expiring, the first charge will be made on the last day of validity. If your subscription has already expired it will be charged immediately, thus reenabling your license. You will not be charged for the period during which the license was disabled. Auto-renewal may be disabled at any point in time.

Using Ubiqua

After performing a license trade-in you should download the latest stable release of Ubiqua, available via the Dashboard Licenses tab. After signing in, your subscription license should appear as an option in your license listing.


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