Announcing Ubiqua 2.0

BY Lars F. Karlström|
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The release of Ubiqua Protocol Analyzer 2.0 brings with it a host of changes and improvements. Read more about what's new and how you can try it out today!

Ubiqua 2.0 is now available!

The Ubiqua development team is pleased to announce the release of Ubiqua Protocol Analyzer 2.0!

In addition to a great number of visual and functional improvements to the Ubiqua software itself, this release entails a complete overhaul of our backend services and infrastructure that paves the way for upcoming new functionality as well as a swifter, more agile development cycle.

Ubiqua 2.0 will be gradually rolled out to existing users over the span of the next few weeks. As a customer with an active Ubiqua license you may also opt to download version 2.0 right now via the brand new Ubilogix Dashboard!

What's new in Ubiqua 2.0?

This section provides a summary of new features and user experience updates. The bulk of the changes introduced in Ubiqua 2.0, however, consist of performance improvements and bug fixes, visual adjustments, and integration with our new backend services.

For a complete, up-to-date listing of changes, please visit the Ubiqua changelog page.

Event view

The new Event View is designed to help you keep track of events of particular importance, such as nodes joining an leaving the network, or the transmission of application-layer commands. By selecting an event in this view, you will be taken directly to the corresponding packet entry in the Packet View. Read more about this feature on the Ubiqua User Guide: Event View page.

New login manager

The Ubiqua login flow has been completely revamped. Unless a node-locked license is already in use, the user will now be greeted by a license selection dialog after signing in to the application. This was introduced in preparation of our new subscription-based licensing model, which allows users to effortlessly move between systems and licenses. More information regarding the new subscription model will be published in the near future.

Reworked device setup flow

The device manager has been overhauled to present a more streamlined interface when adding new devices. This enables the integration of a wider range of generic sniffer hardware as well as other classes of devices. The Ubiqua User Guide: Device Manager page has been updated to reflect these changes.

Improved protocol definitions handler

Protocol definitions are no longer distributed as part of the Ubiqua installer, but are instead retrieved from our servers on startup. Future versions of Ubiqua will allow users to select exactly which protocol version should be used to decode captures, which in turn will allow for all users to stay up-to-date with the latest Ubiqua software improvements.

Security improvements

A host of internal changes has allowed us to remove our dependency on administrative account privileges. One notable side-effect of this is a new prerequisite for running Ubiqua in Remote Service mode – please see the corresponding documentation for further information: Ubiqua User Guide: Ubiqua Services.

Leaving feedback

We want to make sure Ubiqua is the best IoT protocol analyzer on the market, and to do so we need your feedback! Please visit the Dashboard support tab at any time to send us your comments and suggestions.

What lies ahead?

Within short we will introduce a new subscription-based licensing model that – in addition to a lower monthly or annual price – will allow users to freely move their licenses between multiple computers. Furthermore, in Q1 2017 we will announce a powerful new feature that allows Ubiqua to actively participate in wireless network communications, as well as a new type of remote sniffer device.

Please stay tuned for more news regarding Ubiqua – you may opt in to receiving very occasional newsletters through your dashboard!


  • 2-factor authentication
    The possibility that your account can be stolen has increased considerably during the last years, that is why it is recommended to add extra steps to your sign in procedure. At ubilogix we have implemented the 2-factor authentication in our sign in process to fulfill the purpose of improving the security of our users accounts.
  • Trading in a legacy Ubiqua license
    In this article we walk through the process of trading in a legacy Ubiqua "PA STD" license for a subscription with at least three months of validity.
  • Ubiqua PA STD License Discontinuation Notice
    Effective June 1, 2018, Ubilogix will no longer offer the Ubiqua PA STD (“node-locked”) license, as this model is being retired in favor of the new Standard subscription.