San Jose, CA – April 1, 2010 – Ubilogix International, Inc. announced today the release of Ubiqua PA (Ubiqua Protocol Analyzer), a monitoring and analysis tool created to help developers in the design and creation of wireless sensor networks, controlling networking technology and its applications.

Ubiqua PA provides a swift visualization, and a robust, efficient and reliable decoder for the following communication protocols: IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee, ZigBee RF4CE, Freescale SynkroRF, IETF 6LowPAN, San Juan Software PopNet. Ubiqua PA provides analysis for several kinds of networks regardless of the number of devices operating; it supports multiple devices capturing on multiple channels.

Ubilogix has been working closely with leading companies in the industry to release Ubiqua PA with all the features that the wireless embedded industry demands. “We expect Ubiqua PA to be the new leading development tool in the wireless IEEE 802.15.4 community” said Christian Garcia, Ubilogix President. “We foresee a lot of products taking advantage of Ubiqua PA so we’re excited to be contributing to companies taking a whole new generation of products to market.”

Ubiqua PA is designed to meet the demands of the fast paced industry by integrating just the right tools, so developers can effortlessly familiarize themselves with Ubiqua PA and keep up with additional tools and extensions planned to be released based on Ubiqua PA. “We have integrated into our product some great features with a special emphasis in a user friendly interface, this should save time and money in the overall development and deployment process”.

Information about how to purchase Ubiqua Protocol Analyzer can be found at or by contacting Ubilogix at

Based in San Jose California, Ubilogix International, Inc. is a leading provider of consulting services, training and analysis tools for wireless sensor network applications to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), system integrators, installers and administrators of wireless embedded networks. Time to market is a key element in today’s embedded wireless industry and Ubilogix professional tools help companies shorten their development cycle with intuitive but reliable solutions to address the challenges that developers face. Ubilogix is an active member of the ZigBee Alliance the most important industry consortium in the field of wireless sensor networking. More information can be found at

Press contact:

Masaru Natsu

+1 (408) 660-8598 

Ubiqua PA Press Release

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