Ubiqua Protocol Analyzer integrates the top IEEE 802.15.4-based protocols decodes with a wide set of analysis features to create a powerful, user friendly, fast and scalable debugging tool which will help engineers through different phases of the Wireless Sensor Network applications development process, such as debugging, testing and deployment.

SQLite-based file format aimed for flexibility, scalability, and platform-independency.

Ubiqua Services. Access the most common Ubiqua actions through the new Remote Access Service.

Easily create complex filters with the filter editor. Share filters with other Ubiqua users.

Flexible visualization with a variety of customizable and dockable views to offer a full personalized environment.

Real time capture and analysis of IEEE 802.15.4 over-the-air data packets.

Keep up to date decoding the latest changes of emergent protocols (ZigBee Protocol Stacks and Profiles).

Focus your attention on the information that is relevant at certain moment in time with the Watch View.

Notice the details among all the over the air traffic with warnings and other visual indicators in the Traffic View.

Add valuable information to your logs adding your personal comments to captured packets.

Customize your environment. Adapt the layout to your convenience and save your settings.

Capture multiple channels at the same time using a mixture of capture devices.

Keep it simple, save only filtered packets for convenient sharing or just to keep clean logs.

Decode tunneled protocols over ZigBee such as BACnet, IEEE 11073 (Health Care), etc.

Decrypt secured packets to effortlessly monitor secured networks.

Graphical visualization of the network topology with quick access to the nodes properties.