Ubiqua Protocol Analyzer

Ubiqua Protocol Analyzer integrates decoders for leading IEEE 802.15.4-based protocols, including Zigbee, Thread, and 6LowPAN; with a wide range of analysis features to create a powerful, user friendly, fast, and scalable debugging tool, tailored to help engineers through the different phases of the Internet of Things application development process.

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Supported Protocols

  • IEEE 802.15.4
  • Zigbee
  • Thread
  • IETF 6LowPAN
  • PopNet
  • Zigbee Light Link
  • Zigbee Greeen Power
  • JenNet-IP

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Supported Devices


RZ600, ATZB-X-233-USB, ATZB-X-212-USB

Texas Instruments

CC2531 USB

NXP / Freescale

JN5169 & JN5179 USB Dongles, USB-KW24D512, …

Rainforest Automation



Open Sniffer v2.0

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Product Features

Multi-channel packet capturing

Ubiqua supports the simultaneous use of multiple sniffer devices, allowing for concurrent packet capturing over multiple communication channels.

RESTful service API

Programmatically access core Ubiqua functionality through the Remote Access Service. The software provides a number of services exposing key application features as web resources, including capturing, sniffers, filters, keys, and addresses.

Powerful packet filtering

Easily create complex filters with the filter editor. Ubiqua features the ability to filter packets and show only the ones that fulfill certain logical criteria. Filters can be saved and shared with other Ubiqua users.

Automatic packet field monitoring

Never lose track of important information! You may configure the Watch View to automatically find and display variables of interest in the packet log as you traverse your captures.

Annotate your captures

Add personal comments and insights to captured packets. Capture files store this information, allowing you to easily share it with other Ubiqua users, or just keep it at hand where it's needed the most.

Decode tunneled protocols

Decode protocols tunneled over Zigbee, such as BACnet, IEEE 11073 (Health Care), etc.

Graphical topology visualization

Graphical visualization of the network topology as interpreted by the current capture data, with quick access to individual node properties. Additionally, nodes may be named and positioned over a custom background image such as a blueprint to easily keep track of devices.

Always stay up to date!

Ubiqua includes the the latest changes of industry-leading IoT wireless communication protocols definitions, including Zigbee, Thread, and IETF 6LowPAN.

Decrypt secured traffic

Ubiqua performs on-the-fly decryption of encrypted packets, allowing for effortless monitoring of secured networks. Security keys may either be automatically discovered in capture data or be added manually before or after capturing.

Fragmented packet reassembly

Ubiqua automatically reassembles fragmented network packets.