2-factor authentication

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The possibility that your account can be stolen has increased considerably during the last years, that is why it is recommended to add extra steps to your sign in procedure. At ubilogix we have implemented the 2-factor authentication in our sign in process to fulfill the purpose of improving the security of our users accounts.

To carry out this process, it is recommended the use of third party mobile applications that generate one-time codes for both Android and IOS devices, these codes will be requested during the Sign in operation.

Among the most used free apps for IOS are:

    1. Microsoft Authenticator
    1. Google Authenticator
    1. TOTP Authenticator
    1. 2FAS Auth
    1. LastPass Authenticator
    1. Authenticator

In the other hand, among the most popular free apps for Android are:

    1. Google Authenticator
    1. Lastpass
    1. Microsoft Authenticator
    1. Authy by Twilio
    1. 2FA Authenticator
    1. Duo Mobile

Activate TOTP

Once you have installed one of the previously mentioned apps or some other out of the list, sign in to your Ubilogix account and go directly to your dashboard’s profile tab, then click the toggle button under the “Multi-factor Authentication” section and a modal dialog will appear containing 2 expanders with options to activate your TOTP:


    1. The "SCAN QR CODE" expander contains a QR code image which must be scanned with your 2-factor authentication application, after this a 6 digit code number will be generated and have to be typed in the input located below the QR code image, then press the Activate Button and a group of 10 security codes will be generated and stored on your device so that you have them as an alternative in case your app fails or you do not have your mobile at hand.


    1. There is an alternative if you cannot scan the QR code with your authenticator app, under the "SET UP MANUALLY" expander copy the setup key and enter it manually in your authenticator app, you will also have to enter the email used in your Ubilogix account and choose the time-based option to be able to generate TOTP codes. Once your code has been generated, type it in the "SCAN QR CODE" expander in the "CODE" input and press the "ACTIVATE" button.


At this point the 2-factor authentication will be enabled in your Ubilogix sign in process, therefore, after entering your email and password, you will be prompted to enter your 6-digit code number generated by the app.


In case you aim to enter one of your downloaded backup codes (which can only be used once each), click the "click here" link under the verify button and the window will be swiped to display a single input for you to enter a backup code, after entering any of the 2 codes press the verify button.


Generate backup codes

After enabling 2-factor authentication and having signed in, the “New backup codes” button will be enabled in your Dashboard’s profile > Multi-factor Authentication section, by clicking this a dialog window will be opened to generate a group of 10 codes needed for your authentication processes (since these can be used only once each), after this click the “Save codes” to store them in your device.

These codes can be generated unlimitedly, however once a new group has been generated it will automatically disable previously generated groups, allowing the user to only enter the codes of the newest group.


Disable 2-Factor Authentication

To disable your 2-Factor Authentication process go to your Dashboard’s profile and click the toggle button under the “Multi-factor Authentication” section, after this a modal dialog will appear asking you to enter a 6 digit code number generated by your authentication app, then press the “Disable” button and your 2FA will be deactivated.



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